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What is a personal injury attorney?

A personal injury attorney is a type of lawyer that specializes in representing people who have been injured due to the negligence of another person. Personal injury attorneys are often hired by victims after they have experienced an injury, such as a car accident, slip and fall, or dog bite. This type of lawyer has an understanding of the law as it relates to injuries and will be able to help their clients receive compensation for their injuries.

Personal injury attorneys can also represent those who have been wrongfully terminated from their job. This type of attorney will work with clients to collect evidence and prepare a claim against the employer.


Personal injury lawyers are the ones who handle personal injury cases. They are responsible for negotiating with insurance companies and defending their clients in court.Personal injury lawyers work full-time on these cases, so it is important to choose one that has the necessary experience, expertise, and qualifications to take on your case. There are many different types of personal injury law firms th at offer different services. It is important to research these before choosing a lawyer. You should always go with a lawyer who specializes in the type of case you have because they will know how to best represent you and your interests.

Injured? This Is How A  Memphis Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

A Tennessee personal injury lawyer is a professional who specializes in representing and protecting the rights of people who have been injured or wronged by another party. Personal injury lawyers work with clients to investigate potential liability, pursue claims, and recover damages for injuries sustained.

Personal injury lawyers can help you with a variety of legal matters such as:


-Medical bills

-Lost wages due to injuries

-Loss of enjoyment of life due to injuries

-Pain and suffering

-Mental anguish

What are the different types of injuries that can be sustained in an accident?

There are a variety of injuries that can be sustained in an accident. Some of these include:


- Broken bones

- Concussion

- Internal bleeding

- Laceration to the head or neck

What Types Of Cases Does The Wharton Law Firm  Handle?

– Car Accident Lawsuits
– Uber Accident, Lyft, and Rideshare Accident Lawsuits
– Scooter Accident Lawsuits
– Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits 
– Truck Accident Lawsuits 

 Slip and Fall Accident Lawsuits 
– Pedestrian Accident Lawsuits

What Should I Do After An Accident

The first thing to do after an accident is to assess your injuries. If you are not sure if you need emergency care, call 911 or your local emergency number. If the injury is minor, call a friend or family member for help.

If you are injured and need medical attention, it’s important to be honest with the hospital staff about what happened. They will be able to give you the best treatment and determine whether or not you have a concussion.


What Is A Personal Injury Case?

A Memphis personal injury case is a claim for damages for an injury or death caused by someone else’s negligence. It is also called a tort claim. The person who was harmed can be the plaintiff and the person who was negligent can be the defendant.

It is necessary to prove that the defendant's actions were negligent and that they caused harm to the plaintiff. The plaintiff will need to show that their injuries were foreseeable, meaning it was foreseeable that somebody would get hurt if this particular action was taken. IN order to win a personal injury case, you must show that you are entitled to damages and your damages must be proven with evidence.


Personal injury cases in Memphis are a type of civil case which arises when one person has been injured as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct of another. An example of a personal injury case is when someone is injured because a product they purchased was defective and the injuries were not disclosed by the seller or manufacturer. Personal injury cases can be classified in many ways. One way to classify them is by the type of injury that occurred.

Some examples include:

- Brain Injuries

- Neck Injuries

- Spinal Cord Injuries

- Paralysis

- Broken Bones

- Burns


Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases Tn

A statute of limitations is a law that says how much time you have to file a lawsuit.

The statute of limitations for personal injury cases in Tennessee is 1 year from the date of the incident.

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