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Memphis Civil Attorneys 

When individuals transact or engage in business as either customers, businesspersons, employees, or contractors, there are often that require contract drafting, interpretation, or even litigation in court when certain disputes arise. This could include situations such as breach of contract, employment or unlawful discrimination, defamation or slander, or invasions of privacy among many others. We have Memphis attorneys familiar with business structure and setup, contract litigation, restaurant and business discrimination against customers, as well as an occasional general representation of certain businesses in their operations. To adequately advise and protect individuals and some businesses in the context of commercial matters, it is very important to engage a Memphis Civil Attorney or in some instances Employment Attorney to protect your valuable rights in these circumstances.


We have handled a variety of matters concerning municipal and government law, education law, and employment law. Civil matters can include a wide variety of issues, including advising a business on proper legal protections with contracts and business relationships, as well as advising individuals of their rights, both personal rights in terms of contract matters and the employment context. It is important to be proactive if you believe your personal or business matter requires legal consultation with Our Memphis civil attorney. When in doubt, we recommend and applaud individuals or businesses for being proactive and contacting attorneys for advice.   

If you or someone with whom you are affiliated needs a Civil Attorney, please contact us to set up a consultation regarding your important legal rights and opportunities.  


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