Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide quality, proactive and zealous legal representation to the clients we serve, emphasizing a comprehensive and professional legal strategy which is uniquely designed and catered to meet each individual client's needs and challenges.


El bufete de abogados Wharton

Nuestra visión

Trabajamos para establecer relaciones con nuestros clientes educándolos para que tomen decisiones acertadas y oportunas sobre cuestiones que tienen consecuencias legales importantes. Si bien damos la bienvenida a la oportunidad de negociar en la resolución de asuntos, cuando surja la necesidad, la Firma está lista, dispuesta y preparada para abogar agresivamente por nuestros clientes en un tribunal de justicia.

La gloria de un buen abogado

Es ganar una mala prueba.


Firm History 

Founded by husband and wife, father and mother, A C Wharton, Jr. and Ruby R. Wharton, in 1980, the mission and tradition cultivated from day one was focused on providing quality representation with the utmost integrity. Forty one years later, these principles remain at forefront of our mission to each and every client we serve.  The Firm has always maintained an emphasis on empowering this community both in customized representation of its clients, and taking on causes of significant public interest in order to create a lasting impact for generations to come.  The small town values of service and hard work innately engrained in the fabric of our founders have set the culture for how we serve our clients. Our Firm has been blessed over the years to develop lawyers who have gone on to become judges and entrepreneurs and even founder, A C Wharton, Jr., serving as Mayor of Shelby County and Memphis. After nearly twenty fours in business, the Wharton Law Firm expanded with the Wharton sons joining the law practice and management team beginning in 2004.