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Memphis Wrongful Death Attorneys

We know that losing a loved one is one of the toughest experiences a family may endure in a lifetime. This is especially true when that loss is a result of the fault (negligence) of another person or business. Wrongful death requires that you normally prove negligence to recover damages on behalf of your loved one and their family. Wrongful deaths can occur as a result of Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Boating Accidents, Train Accidents, slips and Falls, Medical Malpractice, Apartment Shootings, Club Shootings, Dog Bites or, even excessive force cases or civil rights violations involving law enforcement. Determining the value of Wrongful Death cases requires that Wrongful Death Attorneys understand your deceased loved one's unique life which may have been the loss of their consortium, love, and companionship, services they provided, as well as the earnings they may have made over the course of their lives. One of the most important things we seek to establish is first letting you know that we are with you and your family for the long haul including taking the case to a jury trial. As a family-owned firm, we fully understand and embrace the value of family members and loved ones and we are Memphis Wrongful Death Attorneys who will protect your valuable legal rights every step of the way. If you or someone you know has suffered a Wrongful Death, request a consultation with us today. 

Memphis Slip and Falls, Premises Liability, Dog Bites Attorneys 

There are times when the negligence or fault of a business or property owner results in injuries to a person visiting that particular party. Slip and falls occur from wet surfaces, including from water, unleveled surfaces, spilled liquids, or objects which can create tripping hazards. Like the driver of an automobile, an owner of the property is required to exercise reasonable care in taking care of their property and to avoid creating situations that may unreasonably subject lawful visitors or occupants to injuries, or even death. As with other types of personal injuries, slip and falls and other types of premises liability cases, including, for example, someone suffering a Burn Injury from a hot substance or malfunctioning equipment, can result in serious personal injury or even death. It is important to contact a Memphis Slip and Fall Attorney or Premises Liability Attorney who understands the intricate issues involved with handling these cases. We have handled numerous personal injury matters including one Slip and Fall case resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury to our client. We obtained a jury verdict that was rumored to be one of the largest verdicts ever in Shelby County for a Slip and Fall case. 


There are numerous other types of premises liability cases, including apartment complex shootings, school injuries, sexual assaults, club shootings, food poison, excessive force, security guard assaults, and numerous others. All of these types of premises liability may require the need for a Memphis Personal Injury Attorney and we stand ready and prepared to protect your rights in these matters. 

Dog Bites are also very prevalent in Memphis, Shelby County, and surrounding areas. Within the last decade, for example, Memphis ranked within the top 30 cities as having the most dog attacks. Owners or custodians of dogs or animals have a duty to reasonably protect the safety of others who may come into contact with these animals. In some instances, the dogs may be known to have dangerous tendencies or worse they may have attacked or bitten their owners or other individuals in the past. This means that if a Dog Bite attack occurs, the animal's owner can be liable through their assets or their homeowner's insurance for allowing such injuries. These attacks are often serious resulting in severe bleeding, fractures, or other injuries, including Brain Injuries and sometimes even mauling deaths. As a Memphis Dog Bite attorney, we can provide you with representation in determining whether you can hold the animal's owner or caretaker responsible for your injuries which may have resulted in not only physical injuries but often economic injuries including medical bills and work losses. Contact us if you have suffered a dog or animal bite injury so that we can protect your valuable rights.

The City of Memphis unfortunately has been at the top of the list when it comes to some of the most dangerous rankings when it comes to pedestrians as well as distracted drivers. In fact, in 2019 the two intersections of Mallory and Lauderdale and Lamar and Holmes ranked the worst and the fourth worst, respectively, in terms of distracted drivers which create obvious risks and dangers for drivers and pedestrians. In addition, because of the massive presence of distributions centers in Memphis, including railroad and trucking distribution, Memphis Trucking Accidents are very commonplace in the City of Memphis. Our Memphis Car Accidents Attorneys assist those sustaining personal injuries, including pain and suffering, medical expenses, and work losses among various other categories of damages. Proving liability or fault (also known as "negligence") in Tennessee requires Personal Injury Attorneys who understand the special aspects of these types of cases. More importantly, we handle each of our clients' cases uniquely and thus our representation is customized, fighting to protect valuable legal rights. Injuries sustained in accidents often include head (brain injuries), neck, back, as well as leg injuries.  It is important to request a consultation with our Car Accident Attorneys to promptly begin discussing your case and preserving valuable information and helping you to navigate this very stressful process for you and your family. We stand ready to protect individuals who have been injured in automobile, boating, trucking, bicycle, train or pedestrian accidents.We are honored to be rated as one of the best firms in Memphis by, receiving two A+ ratings in the field of Memphis car accident attorneys.